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2013 January

  Hanna @Tokyo Club, Suidobashi

      Charge : 2,625yen
      3 Stage (19:30/21:00/22:10) 

      Booking : TEL03-3293-6056


  "Vocal Live" Yuichiro Tokuda & Hiroyoshi Horie DUO @ Mugen, Ginza

      3 Stage(19:30/20:40/21:50)

      Booking : TEL03-3573-0280

  RALYZZ DIG @ B flat, Akasaka
      OPEN_18:30 / START_19:30
      Booking : TEL03-5563-2563

  "Vocal Live" Madoka Nakamaru & Yuichiro Tokuda Duo @ Chippy, Shinkoiwa

      OPEN_19:00 / START_20:00

      Booking : TEL03-3653-1253


  Yuichiro Tokuda Quintet ~WHITEDAY SPECIAL LIVE~ @ Clipper, Chiba-Minato

      OPEN 18:00  START 19:00

      Booking : TEL043-239-9240

  RALYZZDIG ~Ottawa Trio~ @ Mugen, Ginza

     18:00_OPEN 19:30_START

     Booking : TEL03-3573-0280

【Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZ DIG - The 6th NEW Album Release WORLD TOUR 2013】

On 20th MARCH, Our RALYZZDIG's New Album sales START!!

RALYZZDIG goes to World Tour!!

JAPAN TOUR,,,4/16 & 6/21

Don't Miss them!!

Canadian Music Week 2013, Winter Jazz Festival (Canada, Toronto)

JZBrat (Japan,Tokyo)

Mango Jazz (Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia) 

World Youth Jazz Festival (Putrajaya, Malaysia)

The Japan Club Of Kuala Lumpur (KL, Malaysia)

No Black Tie (KL, Malaysia)

World Jazz Award 2013 (Mexico, Cancun)

PIT-INN (Japan,Tokyo)

More tours...To Be Announced...

 For More Information & Contact to
 Past Concert_ Check from here
Yuichiro Tokuda (Alto & Sopranino Sax, Vocal & Song Writing) Profile

 Yuichiro Tokuda  (Birth March 9, 1981.)
  _Jazz Saxophonist, Vocalist & Composer.

 Picked up from Short bio @ Borneo Jazz 2011 @ Malaysia

  "Yuichiro Tokuda is an emerging star in the Japanese music scene. 
  After studying at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, 
 he returned to Japan to form the Yuichiro Tokuda Quintet whose first album was acclaimed as
 "the cutting edge of the present progressive form of jazz" in Jazz Life magazine. 
 In 2008, Tokuda received an award as the “New Face of the Year in Art & Culture” 
 from the Chiba-City Government, the first time ever for a jazz artist. 
 In 2008, Tokuda changed his band’s name to Yuichiro Tokuda’s RALYZZ DIG. 
 Last year he performed in Japan’s most prestigious jazz festival “Yokohama Jazz Promenade”
 as well as in numerous other smaller festival throughout the country. 
 Yuichiro Tokuda has released four CDs. 
 This will be RALYZZ DIG’s premiere performance in Malaysia."

 My band "RALYZZ DIG" played at Borneo Jazz 2011.(May 14-15, 2011.)
 Original songs "Nothing There & Crossing Colors Harmony" received a prize of
  "International Songwriting Competition 2010, 2012, 2013 "FINALIST" in Jazz Category.
 【The story of Japanese Jazz artist Yuichiro Tokuda】 aired on BBC Radio America 2011/6/15. Podcast
   We RALYZZ DIG are featured @ "All about Jazz / Borneo Jazz 2011" (on page 6 & 7)

 In Sep 2011, The UK Songwriting Contest / Jazz Category FINALIST nomineted. 

 We RALYZZ DIG played at 10th Nanjing International Jazz Festival,China 2011/Oct/14~19.

 In Dec 2011, The USA Songwriting Competition 2011 / Jazz Category FINALIST nomineted.

  My article is on NY's magazine "NEO Magazine - 2012 January issue"
 In Mar 2012, RALYZZ DIG will play @【Canadian Music Week(Toronto,CANADA)】

  RALYZZ DIG means... Dig the "RAY + LYRIC + JAZZ".

Press Reviews

PRESS REVIEW / 1st Album - Initial Impulse
 "the cutting edge of the present progressive form of jazz" _JazzLife Magazine (2007 Japan)

PRESS REVIEW / 3rd Album - Imagination LIVE @ Shinjuku PIT-INN
 "Masterpiece", throughout the album, That's it!! _CD Journal Magzine (2010 Japan)

PRESS REVIEW / 3rd Album - Imagination LIVE @ Shinjuku PIT-INN
 70 minutes powerful album!! - full of the enthusiasm and very unique tone and play style.
                               _JazzLife Magazine (2010 Japan)

PRESS REVIEW / 4th Album - Imagination
"Imagination" is enormously impressive, 
and definitely as excellent work as I assure it is ahead of a couple generations. 
                         _CD Jorunal Magazine (2010 Japan)

PRESS REVIEW / About Yuichiro Tokuda
The perfect blend of jazz fused with rock styles 
makes for truly the most appealing cross-genre grooving music.
You might be wondering why we would feature him here…. 
Well, because his music is AMAZING. 
Open your ears and your mind and take a listen to any one of his songs.
                                       _NEO Magazine (2012 New York)


 RALYZZDIG the 6th New Album 【Crossing Colors】on 20th MARCH sales START!!

5th Album OCT/13/2012 Release 
【300 Limited CD - Live @ Akasaka B-flat】              
Aritist: Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZDIG
Including songs are Secret...5 songs & 55min
(All songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda, co-arranged by RALYZZDIG)
Yuichiro Tokuda_Alto & Sopranino Sax, Vocal / Naoto Suzuki_Guitar
Kazuhiro Tamura_Piano / Kumpei Nakabayashi_Bass / Gaku Hasegawa_Drums

4th Album May/25/2010 Release     i-TUNES "Imagination"」「 (Mobile Only)
Title.                    Price. 「 Imagination 」              \1,500- Songs.  SAMPLE - MySpace             Musicians: track 1: Song For Tomorrow              Yuichiro Tokuda   Alto, Sopranino Sax & Vocal track 2: Opening                   Naoto Suzuki    Elc & Acs Guitar track 3: Pisces          Kazuhiro Tamura   Piano track 4: Yacowsuigyo                 Kumpei Nakabayashi Wood Bass track 5: Short Story Afterward            Gaku Hasegawa    Drums track 6: Qui                  M-OTO        Human BeatBox track 7: The Day, Changing Days            2mo'key       Rap  track 8: Skylark track 9: Imagination        All Songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda ex/ "Skylark" track10: Messenger From Far East          Released from GoodNessPlus Rec.   Total : 73min                  Powered by GoodNessPlus,LLC.   3rd Album May/25/2010 Release   <i-TUNES "Imagination LIVE">< (Mobile Only)>
Title.                      Price. 「 Imagination Live @ Shinjuku PIT-INN 」   \1,500-  Songs.  SAMPLE - MySpace             Musicians: track 1: Imagination ~Human BeatBox Ver.~      Yuichiro Tokuda   Alto, Sopranino Sax & Vocal track 2: High-Drive ~Human BeatBox Ver.~       Naoto Suzuki    Elc & Acs Guitar track 3: Home                    Atsushi Abe     Piano track 4: Sleeping Forest               Kumpei Nakabayashi Wood Bass track 5: Nothing There                Gaku Hasegawa    Drums  Total : 70min                    M-OTO        Human BeatBox                                All Songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda                                Released from GoodNessPlus Rec.                                Powered by GoodNessPlus,LLC. 2nd Album Jul/22/2007 Release   i-TUNES "Urban Lights / Umi Toki Kaze Iro"」「 (Mobile Only)
Title.                Price. 「 Urban Lights / Umi Toki Kaze Iro 」    \2500- Songs.          Musicians: track 1: Urban Lights                   Yuichiro Tokuda   Alto Sax & Vocal track 2: Steps                       Dairo Suga     Piano & key track 3: High-Drive           Naoto Suzuki    Guitar & Sanshin track 4: Behind you & beyond          Kumpei Nakabayashi Wood Bass track 5: Umi Toki Kaze Iro                 Gaku Hasegawa    Drums track 6: Unknown MIND                 Special Guest track 7: Reality                      Emi Tokuda     Vocal  track 8: Way back home track 9: Be                        All Songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda track10: Umi Toki Kaze Iro feat, Emi Tokuda        Released from GoodNessPlus Rec.                                Powerd by GoodNessPlus,LLC. 1st Album Aug/27/2006 Release   i-TUNES "Initial Impulse"」「 (Mobile Only)
Promotion Video
Title. 「Initial Impulse」 Songs. track 1: Nothing there track 2: home track 3: sleeping forest track 4: Initial Impulse track 5: Brunei track 6: before the dawn track 7: Tidal wave warning  track 8: Awakening of the winglessbird Price. \2000- Musicians: Yuichiro Tokuda   Alto Saxophone Dairo Suga     Piano Naoto Suzuki    Guitar Kumpei Nakabayashi Wood Bass Gaku Hasegawa    Drums Songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda art directed by TADA & Shozo Tamura Released from GoodNessPlus Rec. Powerd by GoodNessPlus,LLC. 1st Demo CD SOLD OUT
Title.                 Musicians: 「Zero to 0」 Yuichiro Tokuda Alto Saxophone Songs. Dairo Suga    Piano track 1: Tidal wave warning Naoto Suzuki   Guitar track 2: Brunei Sohei Saito   Wood Bass track 3: Before tha dawn Naoto Midorikawa Drums track 4: High Drive  Gaku Hasegawa  Dumus(Track 4) Price. \1000- all songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda art directed by Sachiko Chiyo photo by Yosei Mita                Jul/16/2005 Release For More Information & Contact to
Style : Yuichiro Tokuda Original Compositions and Others

 Yuichiro Tokuda's Private project & RALYZZDIG's project


 on YouTube


 on SoundCloud

 All songs are written by Yuichiro Tokuda_

                               Buy CD's?? _Discography

                      PRESENT ACTIVITY

                   Yuichiro Tokuda RALYZZ DIG
                     RALYZZ DIG = Dig "RAY + LYRIC + JAZZ"
         "to dig into jazz that sends out hot ray and touches the heart with lyrics."

          Yuichiro Tokuda -RALYZZ DIG-
           Yuichiro Tokuda    - Alto & Sopranino Sax, Vocal & Song Writing            Naoto Suzuki     - Elc & Acs Guitar            Kazuhiro Tamura    - Piano            Kumpei Nakabayashi  - Bass            Gaku Hasegawa     - Drums Past Memorys:  

Yuichiro Tokuda's Jazz Saxophone Lesson. A minute from JR Chiba station & Keisei Chiba Station. From beginner to professional. I provide all levels of jazz lesson for saxophone players. The lesson can be scheduled flexibly. We have a saxophone ensemble with all lesson members several times a year. For More Information _ Please Check from Free trial lesson opens everyday. Entry & Question _ Please send a mail to @
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